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2. ending a hopeless life

1. You Are What You Wish

ending a hopeless life

on 2010-10-15 17:46:43

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Later that night Jon was sitting alone in his room, curled into a ball, shivering. He just used the stone to see the possibilities of what could happen if others got it. No matter who got it, they used it to either torture him or make everyone like them. Their was no one who could be a friend to him with it except karyn. Even his own family. Unless he brainwashed them.

Jon wasn't into the idea of brainwashing others. And he has an issue with Karyn. She is a close friend and all that, but he was unsure he could ever love her. Their were hotter girls and even hot guys (he's been repressing that feeling for a while). But whenever he examined asking them out without brainwashing them he was rejected and mocked. It was as if the whole world was against him.

It's not that Jon wasn't adaptable, heck his guidance councilor once said he should fit in as he was so average he could be anyone. Instead it made him a freak rejected by everyone except the tomboy. Besides what do they mean by average. Is thin and almost effeminate really average in a world where most kids his age have signs of puberty and american waistlines are growing?

He even looked at what happened if he physically was made a freak by a miswish, it was worse. Other than Karyn their was no one for Jon, but Jon wasn't sure if Karyn was the one for him.

If Jon showed the stone to someone else, tried befriending someone else, flirted with someone else, etc. Without messing with peoples minds he was rejected. The world had no place for him.

Jon sighed and got up from the fetal position he was curled up in and went to the store room. He opened an old desk his dad had before he died. This drawer was locked once but the lock has since broken.

Jon pulled out the old revolver his dad once owned, turned off the safety, and stuck it in his mouth. With a mere twitch of his trigger finger a shot rang out, blood and brains splattered the back wall, and Jon's body slumped down dead.

As his consciousness was blasted from him he wondered if this bland person freakish person in a friendless world would ever be missed.

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