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2. a change of friends: exit kary

1. You Are What You Wish

a change of friends, out with the old, in with the new

on 2010-09-25 07:34:19

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The next day Jon met with Karyn, and she seemed to have pressing issues on her mind.

"Jon can I see the stone for a second?" Karyn asked.

"Sure", Jon said handing her the stone. "what are you going to wish for."

"you'll see", Karyn said. "But first I got to ask you, have you ever considered sharing the secret of the stone with one of your other friends, maybe Pete, or Jacob, or Wendy."

"OH COURSE NOT!" Jon said in shock. "You're the one one I trust!What do you mean by saying Wendy is my friend. The only Wendy I know of is Wendy Werner. She is a Nuisance. You don't know what it is like to have someone you know having an unwanted crush on you. How they climg to you so you cannot shake them, how they always call to be with you."

"yes, Yes I DO know that!", Karyn said.

"What do you mean!", Jon exclaimed. "None of your girl friends are lesbiens and the only other person you hang with is... Wait you don't mean you find MY crush annoying, I.... I was never brave enough to even ask you out."

"but still, you're clingy, needy, and worst of all you have the power to do anything you want me to with this stone and I won't even know. This is why I asked you to give me it. Your crush is mostly harmless but it gets creepy at time and I don't trust it with magic in your hands."

Karyn closed her eyes and said "I wish that Jon will not be able to make any wishes about me unless I ask him to and then the wish he makes about me has to be the exact wish I asked for."

Karyn handed the stone back to Jon. "I don't feel attracted to you but I still want to be friends. But... well... I want a bit of time to myself for a bit. Have fun and hang out with your other friends for a bit, share the stone with one of them. I'll see you again when I get over this, but... for now I want to get away from you for a bit. Farewell Jon and do well."

Karyn hugged Jon tight and walked away with a sad look on her face. She wiped a tear from her eye and waved goodbye to Jon. Hopefully one of his other friends would be better for him.

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