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2. latter at home

1. You Are What You Wish

Latter at home

on 2010-09-13 00:52:57

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When Jon came home, he was quite lost in his mind, there were so many possibilities with this rock. But he couldn't be so careless, specially he, who always been the kind of guy that prefer thinking before acting.

So? What do with this stone? It was important that he didn't repeat Karin's mistake, or anything that couldn't be fixed. What do I do... What do I do... he repeated in his mind.

That was when he heard his mom screaming "MIKEY! STOP RIGHT THERE! GO TAKE A SHOWER!" and Mikey yelling back "NO! I JUST STARTED PLAYING!" because he was playing on his Xbox.

Jon sighed and made his way to kitchen, where his mother where. He looked around and saw his mother quite busy preparing dinner, "Jon! Why you're so late?" she asked, she was quite mad, not at Jon but at Mikey. "I... Uh was helping Karin." he aswered.

Jon's mom yelled again "MIKEY DON'T MAKE ME GO THERE!" and sighed, "Dinner will take a little longer today. I also came back a few moments ago because Mikey did something bad at school. Seriously, why he is so troublesome when your father isn't here. Do me a favor, and make Mikey take a bath please."

Jon nodded and walked towards the living room.

Well.. Jon needed a test subject. Show he try helping his mother a little? If he could think something that wouldn't be too bad.

Jon then...

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