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7. Girl

6. Zoe

5. Heads

4. A new bet

3. Zoe's Chance to Be Normal Agai

2. Sister and the power of a bet

1. You Are What You Wish

Setting the stage for a MUD battle

on 2010-09-26 23:19:41

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oh "I'll compete as a physically superior girl." Jon anounced and as soon as he did a glow emanated from his body. His head grew more hair as he felt it trickle down his back. Next he felt like something had punched him in the balls as he dropped to his knees, but the pain quickly subsided as he felt an alien sensation where his balls used to be next he felt a pushing at his chest as it expanded out into perky breasts. He lost all body hair on himself and watched his body seem to thin out a bit. Finally he felt the changes stop and he stared at himself poking at his breast. He noticed that his clothing had changed to a style similar to Zoe's, having a white T-shirt but a sports bra underneath, along with mesh soccer shorts and girl boxers underneath. But he was still Soaked with mud.

"Wow sis, you turned out good though it looks like you don't have too much of a strength advantage. I bet those boobs are at least C-cups though you do have a sports bra on so I'm not sure." Zoe said.

"Oh lets just get this over with what are the ground rules for the.... What the Hell are you doing?!?" Jon asked as he saw Zoe strip down to her bra and panties exposing most of her muddy body.

"What? Don't you know that the more skin exposed the harder it is to be grabbed, exspecially with all this mud. Be sides its not like you haven't seen me like this, I mean you saw me walk around naked for a day once earlier in the year when I lost a bet when you bet you would win your track heat. Besides for the time were fighting you'll be a girl so when I win I don't want to hear you complaining that I was a girl and you didn't want to touch me anywhere inapropriately, don't hold back." Zoe said.

"Well I guess I better strip down too. Give me the ground rules while i do that." Jon said as he pulled off his shirt.

"Hmm. I guess no biting, scratching, punching or kicking. Oh and definatly No hair pulling, now that we both have a lot of that. I guess other than that anything goes." Zoe said.

"Well in that case, READYSETGO." Jon Yelled as he tackled Zoe into the mud. He felt a little unbalenced but he figured that he could deal with it. His boobs were distracting but the Sports bra was doing a good job at keeping them in check. The biggest problem was the damn hair, it kept smacking him in the face and blinding him. Unfortunately while he had an advantage in size and strength he didn't know how to use it too well since he was in a foriegn body. Zoe seemed much more comfortable and along with not caring about all the mud seemed to have closed any advantage Jon had. He did have two advantage's he didn't count on though. One was the fact that he no longer had balls so any stray legs or arms that hit that area had greatly diminished effect. Second was that he found this body was very flexible allowing him to both withstand simple submissions and use some moves that weren't possible before. This would be a close battle and he couldn't let up for a second.

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