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5. Heads

4. A new bet

3. Zoe's Chance to Be Normal Agai

2. Sister and the power of a bet

1. You Are What You Wish

Normal... for now

on 2010-09-25 05:22:54

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The coin spun and spun and finally landed on the ground.

"Fuck yea! Heads!!!!!!" Zoe cheered as a glow seemed to illuminate from her body. Her hair turned into a light brown and her makeup dis-appeared along with her dark nail polish. Her clothes turned from a dark dress and corset into a white T-Shirt, jean shorts, and basic bra. Her shoes turned from black boots into tennis shoes. "So this is what a non Goth Zoe looks like." Jon thought.

"Finally, I can breath again. Thanks so much Jon." Zoe said as she gave him a hug, one thing she had not done while she was Goth. "That was so weird having to be goth, I mean I was just so mad at everything."

Then then had a nice talk which Jon hadn't had with his sister for years and went their separate ways for the rest of the morning. At lunch they met again as they were making Sandwiches for themselves while their parents were at work when Zoe had a suggestion.

"Jon I'm a little bored want to make a quick bet? I mean we have nothing to do for the rest of the day so how about something that will last until we go to bed?" Zoe suggested.

"You just spent a lot of time as a goth you sure you want to make anouther bet now. I mean I'm ok if you want to lose to me in something again but don't come to me saying its not fair. What do you want to bet and what will be the bet be. I know how about who can eat their sandwich faster." Jon said

"Ya like thats fair!" Zoe said sarcastically. "If I went along with that I'd loose since you have a bigger stomach and mouth than I do."

"Well then how about you get to have your mouth and stomach be an equal size as mine while the contest is happening." Jon suggested.

"Ewww thats just gross I don't want a bigger mouth, or look fat." Zoe protested.

"Oh there's nobody to see you so you'll only have them for a few minutes. I'll even let you choose what we bet on." Jon said.

"Fine as long as I get to choose. I say that if I win then you have to have your mouth look exactly like mine, and when you speak you will have my voice. Your stomach shrink so that you don't look different but you will get full 4 times faster than I would. Last, your feet will become copies of mine. This will all last until 12 o'clock tonight. See not so bad right?" Zoe said.

"Ya... I get the mouth and stomach part, but why the feet? Also what happens if you loose?" Jon asked.

"Well the feet were just something extra I added on, thought it would be funny to see you in my shoes. On the off Chance I loose then I suppose I would be forced to loose any manners that I have learned, like chewing with my mouth closed or burping at the dinner table, along with knowledge of personal body care, such as brushing teeth, or taking showers. Also I won't care if I get dirty or not, and the bet will begin once we both say deal. Deal?" Zoe said.

"Deal" Jon responded and as soon as he said it a glow flashed from Zoe again but this time her stomach pudged out a bit and her jaw enlarged to fit her now bigger mouth.

"Aww! I got fatter. Zoe said as she poked at her flab. "Well its only for a bit and seeing you with my feet and voice will be worth it. 3,2,1 GO!!!" Zoe said as she started to scarf down her food getting a small lead on Jon who started just behind her. The food quickly dissapeared from both their plates as they both shouted "Done!" at near the same time, but the power had decided who the true winner was as a Glow flashed from.....

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