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2. Sister and the power of a bet

1. You Are What You Wish

Bet on it

on 2010-09-08 02:08:01

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Jon woke the next morning with one thing on his mind, the Stone. Karen had told him that she would be unable to stop by that day and to go ahead and make a fun wish as long as he filled her in and figured out a way to fix her problems. Jon had thought about what to do and decided that it was no fun to do something by himself. Now after sleeping on it he decided what he wanted to do and who to do it with. Taking the rock in hand he made his wish.

"I wish that me and Zoe had a special power that we discovered when we were young, this would be the ability to enforce conditions of bets no matter how rediculous they would seem. After making these bets reality would shift so that nobody would think that the new reality would be different due to results of a bet or a bet in progress, except for Karen. Lastly I wish I had the memories of all the different bets that we have made throughout the years and the outcomes of them." With that Jon felt a tingle in his head and not much else.

Just then Memories started to flood his mind and just as quickly as they had come were pushed back into the recesses of his mind. Figuring that he could call them up he decided to scan his memories. He found that he and Zoe often used simple card games as a method of choosing who won and who would receive the prank of the other. Sometimes it was simply for who had to put away the dishes. Some games involved who could finish a puzzle first and resulted in physical and mental changes. Once he had bet Zoe that he could eat a whole large pizza when he was 12 and if he lost he would lose a half foot of height. But if he completed his challenge then Zoe's hair would grow 2 feet longer. Unfortunatly for Jon he lost that bet and spent the next month being much shorter than his sister until she let him regain his height.

He found that recently most of the conditions for the losers where timed so you weren't ever stuck indefinatly. He also learned why Zoe became Goth. It wasn't by choice but rather the loss of a bet that she made. She bet that she could go an entire day without saying a single word and that if she couldn't she would become a goth and if she did Jon would be a Goth instead. What was suprising was that she had made it through the entire day but was the subject of some bad luck. She thought that the day was over when she went to bed but as slept she started to talk. The power decided this counted as talking and the next morning she woke up in a dark room to find that black was her new favorite color. The worst part was that she had forgotten to set a time limit so she was left Goth till Jon decided to let her normalicy be a prize to win. She had been a Goth for about a week and a half now and was getting sick of wearing all black and heavy makeup. Now that Jon knew why she was Goth in his new reality he was curious what she would look like de-gothed. Oh well he would give her a chance to win that back first thing today he thought as he headed to breakfast.

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