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2. Jon goes home

1. You Are What You Wish


on 2010-07-30 01:27:51

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Jon amused himself with making small changes on the way home.
Repairing sidewalk cracks, trimming hedges, making people wave at him.

He arrived home and went into his room, where he pocketed the rock and logged onto his computer.
His homepage was, and he surveyed the list of people on his news feed. Nearly every girl he knew on this planet was on that list.

"I wish that there was a facebook application, available only to me, that allows me to click on a picture of someone and have them instantly appear in my room, dressed as they were in the picture. I wish that I could edit the person's profile--including interests, activities, about-me section, etc.--and that their body and personality would change to match it. I also wish for some peripheral option sliders, like arousal level, cup size, waist size, ass size."

Jon felt the rock grow warm and he had to look away from his screen for a second.
When he was able to look again, he didn't notice anything new. He decided to test it out by clicking the first name he saw. The name was...

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