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2. From the Top

1. You Are What You Wish

From the Top

on 2010-06-25 06:34:11

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It took most of the night and well into early morning for Jon to work up the courage to touch the stone again. He had spent most of the night writing and re-writing his next wish. Jon looked around himself at the crumpled paper piled into his small trash can and frowned, "Can't leave this stuff lying around." He smiled and looked at the stone, "I wish that all of the paper I just crumpled was blank and back in my printer tray."

Jon had to look away as the stone flashed, and he felt it grow warm in his hand. When he looked back at the trash can all of the paper was gone. Looking to his printer he smiled, the paper tray was loaded with the paper he had written on. He yawned and glanced at the alarm clock on the night stand next to his bed, 2:07am glared back at him. Jon picked up the lone piece of paper that remained with writing on it. Even it had scribbles and lines crossed out. Two paragraphs remained untouched at the bottom of the page.

He idly glanced over at his cell phone thinking that he should call Karyn and tell her about his plan, but looking back at the paper he already knew what she'd say if he actually told her the truth. Karyn would never have gone for his scheme, better she didn't know about it. He grinned and read the words on the page again slowly in his head going over each sentence thinking it through. He yawned once more and finally stood up holding the paper up so he could read it.

Jon spoke, cautious at first but quickly gained confidence as he continued, "I wish "

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