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2. Bondage?

1. You Are What You Wish


on 2010-05-20 10:22:29

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The next day, Jon and Karyn met up near the bleachers before class.

"Alright," said Karyn, motioning to her breasts, "I've given it a thought and I want these back to normal. At least to prove that we can put things back if we need to."

"I don't know," said Jon, "The wishes are supposed to be permanent. We could make it worse."

"I don't think so," she smiled, "I've been giving it some thought. Gimme the stone."

Jon pulled back. It wasn't that he didn't trust Karyn. It was just that he worried about the awesome power the rock held.

"Why don't you just tell me your wish?" asked Jon instead.

"Oh come on!" said Karyn, offended, "I'm not an idiot."

"It's just -- " said John, trying to mount a defense, but ultimately handing over the rock "-- you have to be careful. One careless 'I wish'..."

Karyn took the rock with absolute delight.

"No carelessness," she grinned, "If I even start to accidentally say, "I wish," I want you to bound and gag me!"

Suddenly the stone glowed and a feeling passed over Karyn.

"Oh, shit," she said, as intense desires filled her head.

"What happened?" said Jon.

"I made a mistake," said Karyn with a look of horror, "I want you to tie me up and gag me. More than anything."

"What?!" shouted Jon, "That's just because of the rock."

"I know! Logically I know that," said Karyn, getting more and more flustered, "But it's suddenly all I can think about."

"No!" said Jon, "That's crazy."

"You're not going to?" Karyn asked, looking almost on the verge of tears.

"Give me the stone," demanded Jon.

But Karyn couldn't give it up.

"I'm sorry, Jon," she said, "I wish you would tie me up and gag me this instant."

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