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2. Karyn's New Life

1. You Are What You Wish

Karyn's New Life

avatar on 2010-05-15 16:25:00

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On her way home, Karyn got an unexpected visit by none other than Sarah McMillan herself.

"So, he bought it, huh?" Sarah asked suddenly, startling Karyn.

"What?" Karyn asked, wondering what she was talking about, but mostly wondering why Sarah was even talking to her in the first place. Sarah and all her friends hated Karyn. She was like the mud beneath their high heeled shoes.

Sarah smiled. "That loser is so gullible."

"What loser? What are you talking about?"

Sarah sighed. "You know, Karyn, you can really be such a ditz sometimes. I'm talking about Jon Gibson. You know, the guy we're pranking." She smiled again. "I saw you two talking. He actually believes that you like him."

"I do like him. He's my friend," Karyn said.

Sarah looked confused, as well as a little disgusted. "What are you ... oh, I see," she said, as realization came to her. "You're practicing the part. But, believe me. You don't need to. You've got it down perfectly. And the ragged clothes aren't a bad touch either."

Part? Ragged clothes? Karyn thought. "Sarah, what the hell is going on?" she asked, getting frustrated. She still hadn't figured out that this had something to do with her wish for bigger breasts and blond hair. That simple wish had a major side effect - Karyn was now part of the popular crowd. But since she heard her own wish, she didn't know it.

"Hey," a boy's voice suddenly said. Karyn and Sarah turned and saw ...

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