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2. wendy...

1. You Are What You Wish

the irrepressable wendy

on 2010-04-03 22:27:15

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As Karyn left Jon decided that going home would be a good idea too. But little did he know a diversion was about to set his day in an entirely new direction.

You see their is one girl Jon dreads seeing more than any other. no, it's not sarah. He finds Sarah quite hot and he knows she is only bitchy to him because he is friends with Karyn. Sarah is more Karyn's enemy than his.

No, the girl Jon most fears seeing just rounded the corner ahead of him, it was Wendy!

Wendy was sort of an unclassifyable girl, not smart enough to be a nerd despite being socially inept, not pretty enough to be a cheerleader despite being driven by a desire for a man... well... ONE MAN. Wendy was short, red haired and freckled. Her hair was in pigtails which seemed a bit childish for her age. She wore glasses and braces and had small B cup breasts. But Wendy's one feature that annoyed Jon was her crush on him. She was definately NOT Jon's type but she refused to take no for an answer.

Jon tried to nonchalantly walk away when Wendy saw him.

"JONNY POO!" she said happilly, "How's my BOYFRIEND today!"

The very sound of her overly chipper voice annoyed Jon.

"I'm not your boyfriend!" Jon snapped. "I'm not even interested in you!"

"Oh Jonny, I love it when you play hard to get!" Wendy said. "Sure you're friends with Karyn, but just friends, I know you want me but are too scared to say so."

Jon nervously rounded the corner hoping he could lose her, he'd hate to have to use the stone on her but he may have to resort to that...

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