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2. Try it on his next door neighb

1. You Are What You Wish

Jen's computer

on 2010-04-02 23:52:03

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Jon thought that using the stone directly on someone might not be the best idea so he thought of how he could test the power of the stone without screwing thing up to badly. He looked out his window and noticed his neighbor coming back home with her 2 kids. She didn't look very happy today, in fact he noticed that the whole family seemed to have their up and down days. It looked like her they weren't that interested in each other anymore. They all seemed pretty nice and her husband always made sure to say hello whenever he saw him. Jon decided he would try a simple wish that could help them.

He said, "I wish that my next door neighbor Jen will find a website on her computer that can help her and husband be interested in each other more."

Jen was a 42 year old mother of 2 kids. She is still pretty young looking, partially because she's only 4'11" tall. She doesn't have any wrinkles but she's been getting more gray hairs lately in her shoulder length black hair. Her hair was never easy to style but it's now staring to bother her as she is getting older but she doesn't want to make herself look older by cutting it short.

Her body also bothers her. She could never have be considered skinny, she always had a small waist but she had a very big butt and thick legs and not much on top to balance it out. Her small chest has been getting a bit flabby and her long thick nipples looked out of place on them.

She spends much of her free time playing on her computer since she really isn't much interested in sex anymore. In fact sex was never something she really cared about. She enjoyed the physical contact but she can't remember even having an orgasm in her life.

She was spending another evening in bed on her computer when an advertisement on a web site popped up on the page. Unconsciously she was desperate for something to change and she clicked on it without thinking. The ad changed to a message saying, "it is done, expect your changes shortly." She then felt a weird tingle all over that passed quickly. She couldn't understand why she decided to click on the ad that said:

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