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2. go down in history

1. You Are What You Wish

Techno Teorrorism

on 2010-04-02 18:45:14

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Karyn was getting a ride with her mom the next day since she ahd to go in early to work on a project. As a result Jon sat yawning on the bus feeling bored.

The bus passed a news van where a reporter was making frantic hand motions at an old lady who appeard to be coxing a cat out of a tree. Sirens could be heard at a distance.

As Jon mounted the steps, he fingered the rock in his pocket. "I wish something really newsworthy would happen in town."

Five minutes later the school was engulfed in a green flash. The media received a statement from a Transhumanist Terrorist group, but the Feds beat them to the punch.

The teachers, who had woken up with headaches, were quarntined. The hundreds of catatonic students were moved to cots in the gym where Hazmat teams moved among them, checking vital signs and changing the students into hospital gowns for examination.

Brain activity in each student was off the charts.

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