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11. IOC FW: At Home

10. IOC FW: Going Home

9. IOC FW: Reunited and it feels

8. IOC FW: Mark's new measurement

7. IOC FW: The Appointment

6. IOC FW: At the House

5. IOC FW: Meeting up with Stepha

4. IOC FW: Stephanie gets ready f

3. IOC: Free Wardrobe

2. The Institute of Change

1. The Drafting Board

IOC Free Wardrobe: At Home

on 2023-01-01 14:43:02
Episode last modified by B5 on 2023-01-03 12:53:50

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As soon as he got into the door, Mark kicked off the heels. Julia rushed past him, but stopped halfway down the hallway. “Don’t you want to check out the wardrobe? Don’t you want to see what you’re working with now!?”

“No, I’m good. I just want to put on something comfortable and chill.” He replied.

“Aww, you’re no fun. “ Julia said, popping into the bedroom.

“Hey honey, where are the comfy clothes?” Mark asked, as Julia was pulling out a silver dress from the closet.

“In my old drawers. Hey! Where are the heels you were wearing? “ She asked. Mark explained that he had dropped them by the door.

“Cool!” She said, bouncing out of the room.

Mark opened the drawers and saw a series of sports bras, tank tops that seemed way too small and sheer, and some tiny looking tee shirts. He pulled out a shirt and noticed that it was going to be way too short. Shaking his head he put it back and opened the bottom drawer.

He managed to pull out a pair of grey sweatpants and a grey hoodie, that only showed off a little bit of his new stomach. He took off the jacket and pants and tossed them onto the bed. The bra was a bit of effort but he managed to get it off. He tossed that on the bed as well.

He began to pull off the thong, but said to himself “you know, i kind of don’t mind this one…” As he finished pulling on the pants and hoodie, Julia came back into the bedroom carrying the heels that he had been wearing and the boots that she had taken off. “Holy hell these things were hard to get off my feet! You were looking so cute in these heels tho! Are you sure you don’t want to try on some clothes? Cute top, by the way”

He felt a little pleased by the compliment on the hoodie he had selected. “Nope! I’m happy in this. You have fun, I’m going to sit down for a bit.”

“Hey babe, come here real quick” Julia said, as she pulled Mark into a hug. “I know that this is weird but it’s a great option for us. I love you and look forward to going through this with you.” She pulled him into a quick kiss. “Keep in mind, I’m still attracted to you. You’re still my boyfriend, even if this doesn’t look like it” she said, patting his butt, which bounced.

Mark noticed something odd in the hug, almost as if he was looking up to Julia. He figured that the posture was a bit different - her having Stephanie’s mannerisms and all.

“I know, I’ll come around. You do look pretty hot too. Have fun - I’m going to go settle down for a bit.”

“Okay sweetie. Go enjoy the couch for a bit.” Julia said.

Mark walked his way in to the living room and sat down on the couch. Rubbing his nipples a bit, he said “Huh, I guess a bra wouldn’t have been a bad idea.” The inside of the hoodie, which was very soft, was still a bit irritating.

He pulled up his amazon account on the TV but couldn’t get interested in the action shows that he had been watching, and felt bored by the idea of watching his staple buddy comedies. He switched over to Netflix, noticing that Julia’s profile was still up. He went to go switch profiles but got distracted by the new romcom that had been released. He clicked in to read the details, and said “Why the hell not?” and clicked play.

About 20 minutes into the movie, Julia came bounding into the room, walking expertly in the heels that he had been wearing. “Holy shit look at this dress! I could never have pulled this off!” The dress was silver sequined, and skintight. The hem was just below her crotch, and showed more than it covered. As she spun around it was apparent that there was no bra. “What do you think?” She said, looking over her shoulder.

“Damn babe. I mean, you are pretty fucking sexy. Is that thing even comfortable?” he asked, checking out her legs.

“It’s tailored to fit us! You know you’ll look just as good in it.” She said, suggestively. She then noticed how Mark was sitting on the couch, with his feet pulled back underneath him and cuddled up under her blanket. “Don’t you look comfortable.”

“I got cold” Mark said, for the first time noticing how he was sitting, and shifting to a more masculine position. “Also, this hair is all in the way. I can’t keep it from out of my face when I move.”

“Here, I can help you” Julia said, grabbing a hair tie off of the table. She pulled his hair into a high ponytail. “I didn’t think I’d be doing my boyfriend’s hair! “ She said, laughing.

He shook his head side to side, noticing the hair tickling his neck, but no longer in his face. “Thanks babe! I guess I need to learn that myself.” He, out of habit, hopped up to give Julia a quick kiss.

Julia, after the kiss, said “Don’t worry - I’ll help you learn!” She took a quick look at the screen, noting the movie, and bounced back out of the room.

Mark watched her leave, eyes lingering on Julia’s new ass. “Fuck…”He muttered. He felt a tingle in his new vagina. “Oh damn” He muttered, gently putting a hand on his crotch from the outside. He rubbed gently for a bit, before catching himself and focusing back on the movie, noticing the female star’s outfit and how nicely the sweater fit with her outfit and the long leather boots.

Another 20 minutes later, Julia came into the room in a costume that Mark immediately recognized. He had gone back to this photo a few times in some of his “Self Care” sessions. 3 years ago Stephanie had worn this cheetah onesie to a halloween party. It was skintight, and cut to show off and accentuate her cleavage. Julia had even put on the Leopard ears that had worked out so well.

“I know you liked this one!” She said, standing in between him and the TV. She did a little wiggle and looked seductively over her shoulder. She broke the pose and said “This is so fucking fun! I can’t wait for halloween this year. We can be slutty nurses or slutty anything, really!” For a moment, Mark got a bit more horny at the idea of seeing the new Julia running around in a sexy catholic school girl outfit - he had always had a thing for girls in plaid.

“Haha, yes. Like i’d be caught dead in that kind of thing.” Mark said, deflecting.

“We’ll see!” Julia said, walking over to behind the couch. She reached down and gave Mark a hug from behind. “You could be my sexy twin!” She gave him a soft kiss on his neck, which sent shivers down Mark’s spine and only increased his arousal.

“Okay!” She said, bounding off again into the bedroom.

“Holy shit” Mark said, this time completely turned on. He put a hand under the hoodie and put a hand into his pants, rubbing his new clitoris over his panties. He took a moment, but found a good rhythm that worked for him. After only a couple of minutes he felt the tension build up and his toes curled. Suddenly he realized that he had just had his first female orgasm. “Holy fuck, that was different” he said, taking his hands out of his pants and off his boob. “I could get used to that.”

After a moment, he realized that he didn’t have to clean up like before. “I could REALLY get used to that.”
A few minutes later, he heard Julia coming down the hallway again. This time she was wearing something that he had never seen before. Julia was wearing a black lace lingerie set. Mark could clearly see her nipples through the mesh and could see her vagina through the scheer fabric. She had put on a pair of magnificently tall red stiletto heels.

“Okay, I’m going to go ahead and say it. I’m horny and I’m horny for you. I want to fuck.” Julia said, confidently.

Mark took a second, and decided against trying to play it cool. “Fuck yeah - lets do this!”

“Not quite so fast. I’m Bi now. I want to enjoy my new persuasion a bit more here. Go find something sexy and I promise I’ll make you scream.” Julia said, as she pushed the bedroom door open and pointing at the closet. “I’ll warm myself up out here while I wait.”

Mark got up off the couch and went over to push Julia against the wall sexually, but she didn’t budge. Mark didn’t realize how much weaker he was so he tried again. Julia pushed him into the bedroom instead. “Sweetheart - you know the deal. Get changed sweetie.”

She pulled the door closed behind him and walked away, clicking down the hallway.

“Fuck” Mark said, hoping to not have to wear these ridiculous clothes. He walked over to the closet with the pants, but then changed his mind a bit. He walked over to the closet with the dresses and skirts. He pulled out a couple of dresses that were more summery before his eyes fell on the dress. This dress was his favorite dress that Stephanie wore. He had seen it more than once on her and usually couldn’t get it out of his mind. It was a black dress that had a corset top with a long skirt. He loved the way it accentuated her figure, and he loved how the slit on the right leg went all the way up to her hip.

He pulled it out of the closet and held it up to his body. It seemed so tiny.

“I guess this should fit - I mean, it’s Stephanie’s clothes and this is Stephanie’s body. I’m going to do this.”

He pulled off the sweatpants and hoody. He pulled the dress over his head, and managed to zip up the back. “I guess this thing has a bra built in - not that i intend to wear one for long.” He looked in the mirror and immediately became horny. The dress fit perfectly. His breast were highlighted exactly how he had remembered, and his legs were as sexy as ever.

He admired himself in the mirror, turning side to side. He noticed that he could see his thong and decided to pull that off as well, throwing it off to the side.

As he was checking out his new ass, he stopped. “No.” he paused for another moment. “I might as well…” His eyes moved over to the shoe rack and he immediately noticed the pair of nude stilettos that Stehpanie had worn with this dress and some of his other favorites.
He walked over and sat down, putting his feet into the front strap. He buckled the top buckle on each and stood up, again feeling the odd feeling of having his feet in the wrong position. He stepped back over to the mirror and immediately saw the difference. “Okay, I’m going to need to learn to walk in these if they make me look THIS good.”

As he was walking to the door he noticed the jewelry on Julia’s nightstand. “In for a penny..” he said as he pulled out some dangly earrings, and a matching bracelet and gold necklace which sat just adobe his cleavage.

He took one last look in the mirror, making some facial poses before opening the door.

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