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29. Delia adds glasses to Annita's

28. Annita gets into a routine

27. The next day

26. Switch to Delia

25. Annita does some knitting

24. Back home

23. Delia goes shopping

22. Annita wants to sew

21. Back home

20. Eating together

19. Ordering the meal

18. Heading to this date

17. Annita heads for church

16. Heading home

15. Annita comes out, now looking

14. Annita goes under the knife

13. Delia suggest plastic surgery

12. Annita wants a plumper body

11. Annita heads home

10. Punch and cookies

Fading eyesight

on 2023-01-01 13:32:47

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Delia let out a deep breath. This day was a long time coming. After a couple months spent as an elderly lady, it was time to introduce something new to set Annita further into the life of an elderly lady. By this point, she very much looked the part. Between her bulk, cellulite and the hearing aids, most people would say that Annita looked like an elderly woman. And some days, Annita would most definitely agree with that assertion. But there was still work to do on her.

"These are for me?" Annita announced and got a nod from her daughter. While it had been a while since Delia had given her anything, it seemed like yesterday when she got something. Even if it very much wasn't. Nonetheless, Delia handed over a pair of retro glasses. Perfect for an elderly lady, this would be perhaps one of the biggest changes. Once Annita's vision had worsened to the point of near blindness, she could really start making the last changes. Then it was a matter of handing her mother off to Annita. Simple as that.

"What do you think?" Delia inquired, Annita carefully putting the glasses on. Currently, everything was a blur. Try as she might to focus on her own daughter, she was unable to do it. "It'll take some time to get used to them."

Annita nodded.

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