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3. freedom

2. dark room

1. The Drafting Board

dark room

on 2023-01-01 12:03:43

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When I enter the room it was dark I can still see just not well. I can hear sleeper's breath all around me. I would like man like my last life but a woman is also good
as long as I am free that is what matters.

What did I not tell you I was a man or my name. None of that matters in the afterlife I'm built like a ken doll and I don't
remember my name plus I'll have a new name soon.

!!!! someone's coming I don't have time let's see I need too insert a piece of my self in the mouth of a soulless body it will swallow me and I'm free.

The closest body is there the mouth. !!!!!!!!!!! this hurts!!!!!!!

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