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2. switching some anatomy

1. You Are What You Wish

switching some anatomy

on 2010-03-16 01:04:17

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The next day, Jon sat on the bench in front of the school, wondering where Karyn was, usually she was pretty much on time. He decided to think of a wish while he waited.

"I wish that men had vaginas and women had penises, but as little else would change as possible."

There was a flash, and Jon felt a strange emptiness in his pants. He looked down and his suspicions were confirmed, no bulge. Even the cut of his jeans had changed to better fit his new anatomy. He looked around at all his classmates heading towards the school doors. The football players were still football players, still wearing their varsity jackets, tossing the football back and forth and joking around with each other. But something was definitely different in the way they walked, their hips strangely swayed a lot more. And the ones wearing tighter jeans made it obvious that their members were gone. He looked and saw Sarah McMillan, flirting with her boyfriend Biff Meadows. She was obviously getting aroused, as Jon noticed her cheerleaders skirt start to tent. She quickly and embarrassingly put her books in front of her crotch in an attempt to hide her erection.

Just then Karyn showed up and plopped down next to Jon, spreading her legs apart casually. Jon realized that now crossing your legs was more of a guy thing.

"Well, Jonny, what do you wanna wish for?"

"I don't know, you got any ideas?"

"Ugh, let's wish something about Sarah, she's always bragging about the size of her penis, always wearing skirts that leave nothing to the imagination... Let's give her a vagina, see how she likes that, haha!

Jon wondered, should he tell Karyn about his wish, or go along with her idea?

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