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2. Some selfishness

1. You Are What You Wish


on 2010-03-15 23:48:52

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Jon was up half the night thinking about all the power he could wield through the stone, and all the potential danger. Jon was generally a responsible and well balanced boy, but he was still a teenager and prone to bouts of selfishness from time to time. The thought that Karyn got to make a wish with his rock before he had the chance to do anything more than play with a tree branch was starting to get to him.

A smile broke out on his face as he thought of something, then dimmed at all the possible repercussions. But if he was smart he could find a way around that. After a few more minutes he was sure that he had it and picked up the rock.

"I wish that whenever girls or women had an orgasm they would enter a trance-like state for about a minute and be open to any suggestions given to them then. I further wish that men other than me would not be aware of this condition and would actively not give women suggestions when with women in this state."

There, he thought. Jon was not dating anyone at the moment, although he readily admitted to himself that he was attracted to Karyn, even before her enhancements. This way he could have fun with someone who was already interested enough to sleep with him, so he wouldn't feel bad about manipulating people.

With a smile he hid the rock in his backpack, got dressed and went downstairs for some breakfast.

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