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2. jon decides to help out

1. You Are What You Wish

HELPING OUT: safety wishes

on 2010-02-18 18:52:18
Episode last modified by Noy2222 on 2022-01-09 14:34:06

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The next day Jon met Karyn at school.

"I figured out what I want to do with this stone", Jon said. "I want to help people. I mean why keep all this power secret if I can use it to make the world a better place."

"Not secret!" Karyn said with shock, "Isn't that dangerous?!?"

"Not if I make a few safety wishes first to keep people from stealing the stone from me or using me for it."

Jon held the stone and said the following.

"I wish that no one could ever take the stone from me without my permission"

"I wish that I could call the stone back to my hand whenever I want"

"I wish I would know all wishes that are made using this stone when it is not in my presence."

"I wish I had the ability to interrupt any wishes that others may make with this stone"

"I wish other people would honestly tell me what bothers them without fear of embarrassment"

"their we go", Jon said. "now I can honestly go around granting wishes for people and not worry about the stone being stolen or tampered with."

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