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2. Sister's Wedding

1. You Are What You Wish

Sister's Wedding

on 2010-02-08 05:26:49
Episode last modified by Brayn on 2018-02-16 04:51:58

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The week that followed was pretty uneventful. Jon and Karyn decided to avoid the stone until they had more time to test it. Friday at school they made plans to meet on Saturday and test It out.
When Jon got home, he was very excited that school was out for the weekend, and he had a few days of freedom, until he walked in the front door to find his mother and sisters waiting.

"Jon, you are all packed up, we are ready to leave. We need to get to the Hotel for rehearsal, and you need to pick up your tux," his mother said as they rushed him to the car. Jon had completely forgot, tomorrow was his older sister Jessica's wedding, and he was one of the ushers in her party. His younger sister Zoe was her maid of honor, and his younger brother Mikey was the ring bearer, even though he was a bit old for that job.

Jon ran up to him room to grab his bags and left the house. He really hated wearing suits, let alone tuxes, and was not looking forward to the wedding. Not because he was not happy for his sister, but he really hated loosing an entire weekend for this, especially when he had plans.

He grabbed the stone as he left, just in case he needed it.

That night in the hotel, after the ridiculously long rehearsal and dinner, made worse by the fact that his dad tied the tie very tight on Jon and the suit was horrible, Jon lay in bed holding the stone ready to make a wish.
As he was about to fall asleep, he made an idle wish he thought would save him from the weekend of being uncomfortable, he wished

"Tomorrow for Jessica's wedding, I wish I do not have to wear a tux..."

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