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2. All in the Family

1. You Are What You Wish

Jon is Karyn's Brother

on 2010-01-15 19:54:46

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Jon and Karyn walked towards there respective houses.

since Karyn's house was closer they were about to say bye and separate when Jon said "hey what if we wish we were part of the same family, then we wouldn't have to separate and could hang out all the time, and study together."

"I'd be all for it except wishes aren't reversible and I wouldn't want to lose my family, and I figure neither would you."

"Well we could directly wish it to be temporary, like for a day, and we can even start with your family if it makes you feel better."

"If that works than go for it."

"Ok" Jon replied "I wish That I was Karyn's brother of the same age, with as little changes to me as possible for the rest of the day."

After a bright flash in which both Karyn and Jon had to look away, nothing seemed to have changed.

"well I assume it worked, nothing really seems to have changed though, lets go inside.

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