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2. So I tried AI and this happene

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So... I tried an AI to Genderbend and this happened.

on 2022-12-21 20:54:30
Episode last modified by Perri on 2022-12-22 12:08:12

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I trully love stories with slow transformation, so I when i installed AI, I tried it.

There's a lot of strange pics, that I don't want to stockpile on my pc, So i share it to you.

Use them, make stories, Place a link in response. I will gladly read a story, if you make one)
(Boy, I am really f***ed up, am I?)


Hi ilii01. We're glad you've found our community and enjoy these stories. However, due to your limited engagement with the community, and the suspicious seeming corrupted zip file I have removed the link to the downloadable file. Feel free to post chapters, and interact with us here, and on the discord in the future. :)

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