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2. Biff and Sarah switch physical

1. You Are What You Wish

Biff and Sarah switch physical strengths

on 2009-11-11 03:19:12

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The next day at school Jon and Karyn were trying to figure out what to wish for.

"Let's wish it's a snow day so we don't have to be here!" suggested Karyn.

"No..." said Jon, his eye on Biff, who was shoving around a nerdy kid a few feet down the hall from them.

"Biff's just asking for us to make a wish about him..." smiled Jon.

"What'd you have in mind?" asked Karyn.

Biff shoved the kid into a locker and laughed. Sarah McMillan ran up to his side and put her arms around him, joining in on his laughter. Jon's wheels were turning... Biff was no doubt the toughest guy in the school... And Sarah, despite all her bitchiness, was physically one of the weaker girls. She was athletic somewhat, being on the cheerleading team, but she had a low tolerance for pain, and couldn't throw a punch to save her life.

"I've got it!" smiled Jon.

"What?" asked Karyn, excitedly.

"I wish that Biff and Sarah would swap physical strengths, although their bodies wouldn't change in their physical appearance. I also wish that Biff and Sarah think they're the same way they always were, but everyone else besides me and Karyn remember Biff having Sarah's physical strength and Sarah having Biff's."

"Wonder how that one'll turn out." said Karyn.

"Won't have to wait for too long..." said Jon, pointing. "Look."

Lewis Jameson, one of the nerdy kids Biff had just been picking on walked past him.

"What's up, Buffy?" he smirked.

"What'd you call me, four-eyes?" asked Biff, whipping around. Although he was a bit confused... Hadn't he just shoved Lewis into a locker, and now here he was challenging him? He'd put an end to it real quick. He balled up his fist and threw a punch at him to hit him square in the jam. Five minutes ago if he'd done that, Lewis probably would've had to go to the hospital. But now, with Sarah's strength, all he did was slap Lewis across the face in the girliest way imaginable.

Biff looked shocked, a few people were forming a crowd, people were laughing.

A fluke, thought Biff, but that's never happened before. He summoned up all his strength, he was really gonna put out this little nerd's lights! Again, just a couple of girly slaps. Lewis barely felt them.

"Biff, what's wrong?!" asked Sarah, confused.

"I-I-I don't know!"

By this time there was a nice little crowd formed, with everyone laughing at Biff.

"Stop it!" called Sarah. "Stop laughing!"

Instantly everyone hushed, no one wanted to get on Sarah's bad side, she was after all the strongest person in the school now. Despite her 5'6" delicate frame, she got into fights nearly every day and never lost. She had led the football team to victory numerous times, and was the bane of every nerds' existence. But now here she was, wearing a cheerleader uniform and defending that big sissy Biff Meadows?

"Okay, Sarah!" stammered Lewis. "We'll knock it off!"

"You'd better!" she said, and she went to push Lewis out of the way. But instead, having Biff's strength, she plowed him over and sent him flying into a wall of lockers. Biff and Sarah looked at each other, scared and unsure.

Jon wondered what to wish for next....

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