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2. Oops!

1. You Are What You Wish

Jon Tries To Help...

on 2009-11-10 10:08:22

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Jon woke up with a start the next morning, grabbing the rock off of his bedside table. He hadn't made any wishes yesterday because he'd spent most of the day trying to figure out how to help Karyn with her own foolish wish. The only ones he'd made himself were in the week before he showed it to her, tiny ones intended to prove its powers, and finally one wish for a nicer bed.

The solution had come to him in a dream, and he wanted to do it before he forgot it, or overthought it and convinced himself not to like he was prone to doing. Taking a moment to wake up further so he didn't mumble and mangle it, he said as clearly as he could, "I wish that Karyn's wish to have Sarah's hair and breasts was made by someone else instead... someone trustworthy," he added at the end, realizing one possible repercussion.

There. Now it was done, and the only thing to worry about was that someone else knew about the stone. But if worst came to worst he could quickly wish that away. Jon sat up in his bed, and shook his head as a strand of hair tickled his nose. His eyes shot open as he grabbed the strand, staring at a lock of blond hair. He looked down to see naked breasts, tipped with protruding pink nipples. It was all he could do not to scream as his still sleep-addled mind pieced together what the wish had done, and he cupped the breasts in his hands, bouncing them, fully aware yet unwilling to comprehend what he was feeling.

Jon stood up, arms crossed over his new breasts, and looked around for a moment before noticing his dresser. He opened a drawer, leaning down and ignoring the small, insistent tugging on his chest muscles, pivoting so he could open it without uncrossing his arms. A pair of pants were extracted in a similar manner, and he hoped, prayed that his door wasn't unlocked and if it were, that it wouldn't be opened before he could get a shirt on. He quickly donned the pants and took a simple black T-shirt from the drawer one above, resolutely ignoring the annoying tingly feelings from his nipples as he put it on.

His breasts still stood proudly out, pushing against the shirt, and he sighed. The clock said "8:03." Karyn would be here very soon; he wouldn't be surprised if - knock knock knock. There she was.

Jon opened the door, and normal redhead Karyn, the Karyn he remembered, walked in. "Jon, I thought you said you'd get a bra. Zoe or your mom would've gone with you," she said disapprovingly. "Oh well, we'll go after school, alright?"

He just nodded dumbly, brushing an annoying strand of hair out of his face. "Uh, okay. What can we do about my hair? It's really starting to bug me."

She motioned insistently for him to turn around, and he did so, resisting the urge to pull away as she grabbed his hair and began to mess with it, pulling it a couple of different ways before giggling quietly. She knows what she's doing, he thought, and he tried to blank his mind and forget about what she was doing.

"All done!" she said, turning him toward a mirror, where he saw his hair bunched up in a couple of big pigtails, hanging off the sides of his head. Karyn grinned behind him.

"No! No no no. If I can have one of those hair ties I'll put it in a ponytail myself," he said firmly, scowling at the mirror.

"Fine, geez," she said, pulling his hair loose and putting one of the elastic hair ties into his hand. He tried to emulate what he'd seen on TV, pulling his hair through the band and tying the band up, letting it settle at the nape of his neck. Karyn sighed. "You're no fun. When I had long hair as a kid I used to play with it all the time. So how about these, Jon? Did they give you any trouble yet?" she asked, lightly brushing his chest.

He stiffened up, crossing his arms protectively over his chest like before. "Not really... I'm not used to them and Zoe teased me for having bigger ones than her, but other than that no," he lied, blushing. Karyn laughed, smiling one of her goofy smiles at him.

"You look like such a girl with your arms like that, your hands dangling. Yours are bigger than mine but remember, I've got them too. It's nothing new to me. I know you don't really feel that way but it's true. And I'm not gonna shun you for it, even though I do wonder what exactly possessed you to wish you had boobs like Sarah's," Karyn teased, and Jon blushed, though he was smiling too. A warm feeling spread through him, knowing she still had his back. "Well, shall we head to school then? No skipping. Maybe we can figure out a way to fix it there."

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