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2. the blue branch

1. You Are What You Wish

The Blue Branch: The forgotten wish.

on 2009-09-27 01:58:06

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As Jon and Karyn went to their respective homes blissfully forgetting that wishes alter reality, unaware that something interesting was about to happen at the school.

Betty Lepinski was a biology teacher, she was always fascinated with plants and wanted a major scientific job, sadly she was stuck teaching high school instead of getting research grants.

As usual when she left school she stopped to look at the flowers and shrubbery. But today something unusual caught her eyes. A dead tree branch lying beneath the old sycamore, it had a strange bright blue color to it.

She went over to pick it up and was shocked, it wasn't painted or anything, for some reason the normally patchwork coloration of a sycamores bark was replaced by a bright blue.

She looked upward in to the tree branches and got a worse shock. Many of the branches were getting a blue discoloartion to them, the leaves on those branches were dry and brownish as if dead. She saw a bark beetle chewing into the branch, a sure sign it was dead.

She then moved over to a big oak. It's bark, normally brown with reddish coloration in the verticle grooves, had sickly looking blue patches, on the bluer branches leaves were also dying.

Three more trees showed the same changes, some kind of strange blight was affecting the local trees, a variety she had never heard of before. She had made a new discovery, maybe this would get her into real science for once. but still, she couldn't let the poor trees die, she had to cure them somehow, but how?

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