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8. Annita heads off to Church

7. Delia makes Ash up as a church

6. Delia decides to give Ash a ma

5. Ash goes to talk with his mom

4. Old Lady

3. Lifestyle Adjustment

2. Ash's Metamorphosis

1. The Drafting Board

Off to Church

on 2022-12-08 12:02:16

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Exiting her home, Annita let out a deep breath.

Even though she had once been a ten year old boy, the change to being someone six times that age were pretty smooth. Sure, it meant that there was a certain way that the elderly lady needed to walk, talk and act. But those were more of a mental thing that she and Delia could smooth out with each visit to Church.

No, what Annita needed to figure out now was who she was. More specifically, what her story was should someone ask it while at church.

"Hmm..." she thought, debating her introduction. Start by saying her name, followed by explaining that she was once a pokemon trainer. That was a believable lie, unless someone pushed further.

After, she would talk about how she had moved into her daughter's home and was trying her best to get the most she could out of Pallet Town.


Does anything happen to Annita on the way there or does she make it in time?

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