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2. Karyn sneaks in

1. You Are What You Wish

That night...

on 2009-09-10 07:41:36

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As Jon slept peacefully within his bed he didn't hear as Karyn began to sneak into the room from his window. Looking around for the rock as quietly as possible she finally found it hidden within his drawer. She knew the stone had endless possibilities and while Jon was her best friend she somehow didn't think she could trust him to not make a wish on her.
"I wish Jon would entrust the stone to me tomorrow for safekeeping without making another wish before then." She said quietly as the stone glowed, indicating the wish had been granted.
Just then, looking at Jon there in the bed she began having idea, kindof odd and yet strangely she seemed to enjoy the idea of at least temporarily, having her friend as something else, something more...fashionable. Yet, she also wanted to have some fun with it.
"I wish that for the next week Jon would slowly begin turning into a beautiful white wedding dress and not believe the stone to be the cause or realize what was happening until I say Jon's name three times in a row at which point he will become himself again. I also wish that this set of changes would begin with the appearance of a zipper on his back. During this set of transformations I wish Jon still able to move and speak until such time the transformation completes among the areas specified." Karyn said quietly as she breathed after the long winded wish. Watching again as the stone began to glow, indicating the wish had also been granted.
"Furthermore I wish nobody would think it strange as the transformation goes on." Karyn finally said as the rock glowed a final time as she placed it back with his drawer and snuck back out to her house.

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