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2. A stranger and a second stone

1. You Are What You Wish

Trouble brewing

on 2009-08-24 04:12:12

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As I stepped into the small town, I shuddered with anticipation. It had taken me years of research and searching to track down the wishing stone. The most powerful of magical artifacts. No cost for creation, no limit aside from range, and even the ability to alter reality itself. The only true downside to the wishing stone was it's inability to reverse it's wishes. And even that limitation could be overcome with enough thought.

I took a deep breath. "My search is nearing it's end." I mumbled to myself. I reached into my pocket and produced my own magical stone. It's blue, metallic surface shone as the sun hit it. I grinned as it did.

My stone may not be as strong as the wishing stone, but it's powerful in it's own right. Called the Transmutation stone by those who had found it throughout history, it's able to alter any matter, living or not. However, reality didn't change when it was used, and it couldn't create matter. It's limited in using already existing materials.

I turned to an abandoned building to my left and walked over to it. I glanced around the street, making sure no one was watching, and activated the stone. A blue glow surrounded it, and struck the window in front of me. When the light faded, the glass in the window was replaced with a mirrored surface. I looked at my reflection intently. If I was to have a chance at getting this stone, I'd need to keep off of everyone's radar. "My hair's a bit long, and my clothes are beat up, but I don't look to out of the ordinary." I said. I glanced around again, and with a quick flash, my clothing was looking good as new. I tucked the stone back into my pocket and began walking again.

"Now, where is the wishing stone?" I asked as I continued walking down the street.

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