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14. Hermione vs The Snatchers

13. Hermione vs Greyback

12. Hermione and Harry have a talk

11. Jon tries to get a grip as Her

10. Jon, Karyn and Ron back at the

9. Jon and Karyn search for the S

8. Someone Coming

7. Harry Potter and the Deathly H

6. Harry Potter

5. Yet Another Magic Item

4. Mysterious Trinkets

3. A couple months down the road

2. Jon decides this thing is bad

1. You Are What You Wish

Hermione vs The Snatchers

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Six figures appeared at the front gates of Malfoy mannor with a loud Crack. Jon and Karyn exchanged a worried glance as Ron gulped loudly next to them.

“Let's git a move on, yous.” Said the gangly snatcher as he prodded Jon in her back and the larger one strode toward the gate.

“Ah, Damn.” Jon said loudly as she stood defiantly feminine in her refusal to move.

“Whuts the problem now?” the snatcher snapped.

“We seem to have forgotten one important thing.” Jon said with a sly telling smirk as she looked at Karyn, who gave a slight nod through his swollen eyes.

“And whuts that, love?” the snatcher hissed in Jon's ear as he smelled her hair.

“You forgot to confiscate our wands.” Jon whispered as she swung around, pointed her wand directly into the snatcher's chin and said “Stupefy” sending the snatcher flying backward as he landed in an unconscious heap.

Karyn pulled his wand and pointed it at the second snatcher and said “Expelliarmus” as the snatchers wand flew from his hand.

Jon twirled and said “Stupefy” again and the second snatcher crumpled to the ground.

Greyback, hearing the commotion behind him turned from the gate to see the two snatchers of his dropped and as he fumbled for his wand the girl said “Petrificus Totalus” and he felt his body turn rigid as he fell to the ground. He could see the girl standing over him a moment later, with an eerie smile on her face as she bent down over him and pressed her wand to his forehead.

“It seems like we may be a tad early for this part of the story. It's only the end of December after all, and we can't meet with Bellatrix until at least March. So unfortunately for you, I'm going to have to rearrange your memories.” her smile grew as her eyes narrowed “Maybe I'll do some other stuff while I'm in there, too.” she stood and her smile washed away replaced with a vicious determinance as she said “Obliviate” and then blackness.


A loud crack echoed through the Forest of Dean as three figures appeared near a campsite.

“Blimey.” Ron said, his face a mask of amazement “That was brilliant!”

“Quick,” Jon said, fighting back a girlish sense of pride “We've got to pack up and move camp quick. This place is not safe anymore.”

Karyn nodded and headed into the tent to start packing things up, and before Jon could go in and join him she was scooped up into Ron's arms and Ron's lips were pressed against hers, and even though she wanted to fight it, Jon melted into his arms and returned the kiss with an equal passion.

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