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2. did the interests of FB change

1. The Forum

I'm sad about FB does not bring me as much joy as it sued to and there is things I need to say.

on 2016-10-06 19:20:23

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So I've been kinda disappointed with Fiction Branches in the last few months and I was trying t o figure out why it doesn't bring me as much joy as it used to. I reckon it has to do with the kind of new content which's being produced nowadays.

It seems to me like the vast majority of added episodes all focus around some kind of saga that a bunch of people pick up and develop into something simply huge. It's not that that's bad - everyone has their own interests. I think it just makes me feel like it even doesn't matter if I write anything else or not, because nobody would be interested in reading it (not to even mention adding to it). I might as well just imagine those stories in my head and not put the time and effort to write them down. Even my posts to the forum get ignored.

"But AnotherUser! There seems to be plenty of people adding to your episodes!" I hear you ask. Well, to that I say - I did sometimes add to my own episodes using another nickname. Why would I do that? Well, mostly to show some kind of collaborative spirit and encourage other people to also write continuation to my stories. I never wanted to make an impression that I have a clear idea and for a direction of a story and thus discourage people from adding. I want to be surprised by what happens next to the characters in the scenarios I helped to develop. And instead the only contributions they get are from yet another iteration of myself. Actually, "AnotherUser" itself is one of those 'spare nicknames' which I later adopted as my main one.

Now, I get it, people might simply not be into the same kind of shit I am (which I agree is kinda well set). Is that really the case or are you just lurking and not adding? I remember there being a ton of content I was into several years ago. And then after some authors disappeared it seems like I ended up writing just for myself. I want to confirm if that's the case. Because if it is then I'm happy to move on and not waste my time anymore.

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