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2. The Price of Womanhood

1. The Forum

The Price of Womanhood

on 2016-09-21 23:25:29

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I just found this storyline and holy shit do I want it to continue. It involves Jon wishing himself to be his mom out of curiosity and his mom to become him, with none of her own memories and just his. Jon's mom in his body and thinking she's him, meets up with Karyn and together they figure out what's up. They decide to make the Jon in his mom's body regret what he wished.

I'd really, really, like to see what Jon experiences throughout his day. This is one of those cases when you're into a story so much that continuing it yourself just wouldn't do - I really want to not be in control of what I read and rather be surprised and excited by this.

So if anyone feels like adding to something new, please do consider adding to this one. Or if the author or those episodes reads this - please consider continuing this!


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