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2. A Magic Dollhouse

1. You Are What You Wish

A Magic Dollhouse

on 2009-07-18 13:02:00

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Karyn fretted at her mirror, looking at yet another piece of clothing that wouldn't fit her now. She stroked back her unfamiliar long blonde hair. "That was a really stupid wish."

Jon was on her bed, lounging and idly turning the pages of a magazine. He glanced at Karyn's large chest; he didn't agree with her assessment.

"I really want to make like a fun wish with that thing."

"Fun how?"

"Fun like . . ." Karyn picked up the stone from beside Jon. "I wish that I had a magic dollhouse that could bring toys to life." There was a sudden poof and a three story pink dollhouse appeared in the corner of Karyn's room.

"That doesn't seem that fun, actually."

Karyn rolled her eyes. "Boys." She reached into her closet, home to her childhood dolls and pulled her favorite from the top shelf: a little witch rag doll with black dress and striped green tights. She put the little doll on the second floor balcony and waited. A second passed and Karyn fell unconscious to the floor.

She woke a moment later and picked herself up on wobbly arms. Karyn gasped. They were made of cloth and stuffing. She was the little witch doll. She was Gwendolyn the Witch . . .

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