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2. A Biff Story

1. You Are What You Wish

A biff Story

on 2009-07-09 23:33:54

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Biff Meadows walked to his car after practice, normally he'd go hang out with his friends, his his girlfriend Sara McMillan and her friends. Today was different it was Biffs 18th birthday and his mom asked him to come home after practice, she allowed him a lot of freedom so he didn't mind occasional coming home early.

He got into five year old Jeep. His family was pretty rich but he wasn't allowed to get a new car for his first, he assumed that like his two older sisters he would get a new car for his birthday. As he pulled into the driveway he thought about what type of car his mom would get him.

He walked into his house and found his mom in the kitchen chatting with his grandfather.

"Hi mom, gramps glad to see ya." Biff said as he hugged his maternal grandfather.

"Hi honey" his mom said.

"Hi Kiddo, I guess that's manno now." His grandfather said "I got your gift right hear."

He dug into his pocket and pulled out a small box, which Biff tore open. His eyes went wide as he laid eyes on an old pocket watch.

"Gramps is this what I think it is?" Biff asked.

"Shore is kiddo, My granddads pocket watch.. Generations of Marker men have owned this and now it's yours."

"Thanks gramps" Biff said as he hugged them.

"If you to are done I have something I want to give my boy." His mom Sandy said.

"Ok" his Grandfather said.

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