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2. Karyn's Mom Knows

1. You Are What You Wish

Karyn's Mom Knows

on 2009-07-05 02:47:40

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Karyn went home and immediately went up to her room in an attempt to find clothes that actaully fit her. It was almost impossible. All of her bras were sized for her old cup size and none of them fit. Most of her shirts were similarly designed for someone with a more modest chest. She finally picked out some sweaters that she hoped would not seem too inappropriate. Those were about the only things that were big enough to comfortably fit around her newly expanded boobs. She hoped that if she and Jon couldn't find a way to get her old boobs back, she could make it to a store to find something that actually fit right. She hoped that no one would notice if she went bra-less for a few days. That night, she tossed and turned as she attempted to get to sleep, unused to the additional weight from her boobs.

Karyn's mom, Samantha, saw her come in after school. So, it had started. Karyn had finally made the first, fateful wish. Samantha knew how it would end, but dared not interfere. Events seemed stable and she didn't know how to interfere without disrupting everything. Samantha went up to her own room and, after searching a small drawer, found a small rock, identical to Jon's wishing stone. In fact, it was Jon's wishing stone. Samantha had not always been Samantha. Once, she had been a teenage boy named Jon, who had recieved a magic wishing stone from his grandfather. Then came Karyn's inadvertant wish. That wish, and the ones that followed it, had both changed Jon's gender and sent him back in time. Jon was now Samantha, and Karyn's mother.

She didn't know if there was a way of reversing the wish that had sent her back here. She didn't know if she wanted to. She had a husband and daughter she loved. She was (mostly) happy. She also didn't know what would happen if she did reverse the wish. It seemed so predestined now. If she, as Jon, had not shown Karyn the stone, or had not recieved it in the first place, they would not have made the wishes that had turned Jon into Samantha, in which case Karyn would not have existed to start the process. Would Jon have kept the stone to himself? Would he have shown it to a 'new' best friend that would take the place of a disappeared Karyn?

Samantha knew that she didn't understand all of how it worked, but it seemed that they were in a stable time loop; in order for Karyn to exist, she had to make the wishes necessary to send her best friend back in time to be her own mother. Once Samantha had been sent back in time, she would get married and give birth to Karyn, who would make the wishes that would start the process over again.

Samantha, who had once been Jon and was now his best friend's mother, looked sadly at the stone and wondered.

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