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2. Karyn's New Wheels

1. You Are What You Wish

Karyn's New Wheels

on 2009-06-09 18:19:27

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Jon tossed and turned that night, his mind brimming with the endless possiblities that had been granted to him. He could literally do anything, become anything. He lay with his eyes open, studying the ceiling of his room, then he came upon an idea. One of his many posters was of a naked blonde, gracing the world with her DD glory. Another was of his obsession, the MotoGP. Jon had never been of the flock, especially when it came to sexual desires. Many odd thoughts had crossed his mind, but this was just about the sickest, but also his favvourite.

He sprung out of bed and pulled some clothes on, he then walked quietly downstairs so as not to disturb anyone. When he finally reached the garage he exhaled in audible relief. It was here that he was truly at home, tinkering with his dad's car (whenever he was allowed) and his older brother Biff's bike (whenever his older brother wasn't within 500 feet of the house). He had grown to love the way in which machines worked, the fact that they never complained.

On the other hand there was Karyn, Jon's only real friend, the only person that he had ever been attracted to, especially since she had gained her new 'assets'. Now Jon had found a way to combine his two loves in life into one perfect, flawless form.

Standing with his arms crossed across his chest, stone in hand, Jon said,

"I wish that Karyn was standing in front of me."

Karyn appeared in nothing more than panties in a t-shirt. Her nipples stod out in the cold. It was all Jon could do not to grab her where she stood. Slowly she began to stir, and in the nick of time Jon noticed.

"I wish that Karyn would stay asleep until I say otherwise."

On cue her head drooped, it waas clear that she wasn't going to wake for a long time, if ever. While Karyn stood, Jon thought. Then, after around ten minutes he said,

"I wish that whenever I say the word 'Gearbox' Karyn would become a human-hybrid motorbike, fully functioning in every way. During this state she will no longer require food, water or oxygen and will only desire fuel. Her insides will become that of a motorbike. Her feet will straddle one tyre and become suspension, the front wheel will form below her breasts. Her arms will stiffen and will act as handlebars. Her mouth will become a horn that I can sound at command and in the same fashion her eyes will become headlights. I wish that during this state Karyn will be fully aware, able to speak and think of herself as both a motorbike and a human. Lastly, when I say 'Toenails' she will revert to her human form and will have no memory of having been a motorbike. While a motorbike she will be the property of me alone and will be seen and heard by others as a motorbike only."

Taking a deep breath, Jon looked at Karyn, still slumbering peacefully. He looked at her and snapped his fingers. On demand she instantly woke fully. She began to panic when she saw her situation and looked as though she was about to scream, having anticipated this John bellowed,


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