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10. Fight (reboot cameo)

9. Trouble

8. Demoness David

7. Waking Up...

6. Upgrade

5. The Cavalier's Den

4. Trouble in the alleyway

3. The World of Ether

2. Lannon...

1. The Future of Gaming

I am a Gaurdian

on 2016-03-22 09:32:43

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"No you can't"

"Oh yeah, kiss me" said the devil

You just look at him with a bored expression then say the changes reverse, shocking him

"What? How did that happen"

"Simple" your outfit changed to a blue/green one piece with yellow shoulders "Glitch containment field" a bubble papered around the devil " I am Bob Gaurdian of Mainframe & thanks to this young an ecepting my code I was able to capture you"

Now do you follow Bob or continue with your story?

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