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13. finish the job

12. an epiphany

11. Jon takes a chance

10. Jon takes a shower

9. Jon gives in to temptation

8. Jon uses his Index Finger on Z

7. Jon uses his Pinkie Finger on

6. Jon uses his Pinkie Finger on

5. Testing the wish on Zoe

4. Testing the wish at home

3. Jon's Decision

2. Moral Issues (remastered)

1. You Are What You Wish

SS: Say Hello to Your New Sister

on 2015-01-12 16:21:08
Episode last modified by Brayn on 2018-02-27 07:15:53

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Jon walked over and pulled the stone out of his dresser, a plan already half formed in his mind. First things first, he needed a way to see Zoe.

"I wish that I have a mirror sitting on top of this dresser. I wish that if I say the phrase, 'show me' followed by a person's name, the mirror will show me that person in real time. I wish that I can use my power on people I see this way. I wish that when I say the phrase 'I've seen enough', the mirror will go back to showing reflections." Jon was forced to look away for a second, but when he could look back, the mirror was there. It was a fancy mirror, with an ornate border covered in something that looked like gold, but he didn't have time to examine it too closely right then.

"Show me Zoe Gibson." Immediately his reflection was obscured by something like fog creeping across the mirror, and then the fog cleared, revealing his sister, walking and apparently talking to someone beside her. Jon could see the shapes of a lot of other people, so he figured she was probably at the mall, but they were all blurry and out of focus. It must zoom in on the person you request to see, but still give some sense of what's going on around them. It might be fun to explore it later. But I have to get this done first.

Jon took a moment to prepare himself for what he was able to do. His plan would require using the stone in the second half, and once he made a wish it would be very difficult to go back, Karyn could attest to that. (He really should get around to find a way to fix that for her. He kept telling himself he got these powers hoping they would help her, but so far he hadn't made any progress in that endeavor.) Even as his conscious mind prepared himself for what he was about to do, his subconscious already knew that he was going to go through with it. He had known from the moment he picked up the stone that he was going to finish what he had started this morning, it just took his mind a little longer to figure it out.

"Okay," Jon finally said. "Let's do this." He pointed his index finger at the mirror and exclaimed, "Give me that head and neck!"

This would make it so that his body was completely Zoe's and consequently hers was entirely his. He didn't stop to examine it though; now that he'd started Jon felt like he had to get the whole thing over with. It was like pulling off a bandaid: whole lot easier if you do it all at once. So he didn't stop to look at how Zoe had become a perfect replica of him from this morning; only examined himself long enough to feel the slight tug of the longer black hair on his new head.

"Now I wish that Zoe and I are identical twin sisters, using my current body as the base for our appearance." There was the now customary flash of light and the need to look away. When Jon was able to look again, she immediately felt that something was different.

Wait, 'she?' Since when did I identify as a girl? Sure I've physically been a woman for almost three hours now, but I'd still been thinking of myself as a guy this whole time. What changed?

Well, a lot actually. Her room had been completely revamped, almost like it had gone through Extreme Makeover: Transgender Edition. While it was still very clearly the same physical room in the house, it was obvious that as a decorator, girl Jon had severely different tastes from boy Jon. Formerly beige and boring walls were now a pretty sky blue, with the ceiling painted like the sky on a cloudy spring morning. One wall which used to hold a few pictures had become wallpapered with them, an even mixture of posters from favored bands, movies, and games and paintings and pictures that must have been drawn by her. The dresser with the magic mirror had been upgraded into a full vanity, and a feminized version of the old one now occupied the previously empty space next to it.

Jon want to take a little longer to examine her remodeled room closer, but the image of Zoe in the mirror caught her eye. From the neck down her sister appeared to have an exact copy of the body she had started getting to know this morning. It was a little hard to be certain while Zoe was still clothed, but at least it was obvious that her body was free of an masculine traits. Her face, on the other hand was a different story. While a casual observer could easily confuse the two, Jon felt that she knew her sister's face well enough to pick out the differences.

Zoe's face was slightly more ovallar now, whereas before it had been more heart-shaped. Her cheekbones were slightly sharper, and her eyes were another shade of green. There were also a slightly different distribution of freckles. All in all, the old Zoe and the current Zoe were so similar it would be easy to confuse the twins, but someone familiar with the girls could tell them apart with a little time. Curious now to see her own face, Jon told the mirror, "I've seen enough."

She was momentarily surprised to her Zoe's voice in place of her own, but that was bought near the shock of seeing get new face. As far as she could tell, it was exactly Zoe's old face (Jon realized she should stop referring to what was now definitely her face like that) but she had forgotten about the mirror effect and was temporarily confused at seeing the exact reverse images of what she was used to on her sister. She also hadn't been expecting to see makeup, even though she remembered Zoe having had some on earlier. It wasn't to much like a lot of girls at school wore, but the black smoky eyes coupled with the black lip gloss really made her features pop. Jon gave her lips an experimental smack and then tried a sexy wink, and found herself getting wet from the expression that created in the mirror.

Wow, I don't know if that's a little sick or if that's how I'm supposed to feel when I look at myself. Especially considering this used to be my sister. Hey I wonder, since we're twins now, we must be the same age. So does that mean she's older or am I younger?

Jon was pulled out of her thoughts by the sound of the doorbell buzzing. Since she was the only one home she figured she should probably go answer it. And anyway, there was a good chance it would Karyn, and she couldn't wait to see what was different now that they were both girls.

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