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19. Sarah tries to double cross Jo

18. Sarah really does want that fe

17. Sarah thinks she wants to stay

16. Biff helps Sarah feel better

15. Follow Sarah

14. Jon uses his Ring Finger (paw)

13. Jon and Karyn bump into Sarah

12. Jon and Karyn go for a walk

11. Jon called Karyn Over

10. Jon uses his Index Finger on N

9. Jon uses his Index Finger on N

8. Jon uses his Index Finger on Z

7. Jon uses his Pinkie Finger on

6. Jon uses his Pinkie Finger on

5. Testing the wish on Zoe

4. Testing the wish at home

3. Jon's Decision

2. Moral Issues (remastered)

1. You Are What You Wish

SS: Sarah tries to take the rock and Jon punishes her with what she wanted

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Jon came back downstairs in his clothes again; he looked at Sarah carefully and was carrying a very peculiar stone in his hand. Sarah almost didn't think it worth paying attention to but it seemed important, Sarah just couldn't focus on it. Neither could Karyn it seemed.

Jon came back into the living room and sat the stone down on the coffee table in front of him.

"Ok, Sarah, so what exactly do you want to have done to yourself?" Jon asked seriously.

Sarah sat down and thought about it for a minute, "I really want the body you had before, but you know, my body?", Sarah said in a slightly confused tone, "You know, the dog legs and the tight pussy all that" she said

Jon looked at Sarah very carefully, "Now, be sure about this, do you really want to be like this?" he asked, glancing Karyn's way first, "We've had some trouble reversing wishes in the past"

Sarah nodded, "Trouble doesn't mean it's impossible, and yes, I really want to be this way!" she said firmly, "Come on, stop playing around and do it!"

Jon sighed and nodded in agreement, "Ok, here we go then"

Jon took one more glance at Karyn and then to Sarah before thinking on how to word the wish properly, Sarah interrupted.

"Wait a minute, what are you going to do with that rock?" Sarah asked, "It's just a crappy old piece of stone, why's it so important?"

Karyn replied for Jon while he was thinking, "shhh, It's a magic stone, it grants wishes"

Jon shot a glance at Karyn that told her to shut up before she spilled anything more.

Sarah looked at the stone and then back at Karyn again, "Wait a minute, are you telling me that stone grants wishes? As in like a genie, kind of wishes?" she asked.

Karyn remained tight lipped, Jon answered this time, "Be quiet"

Evil thoughts sprung to Sarah's mind, the same thoughts that Jon had when he was first presented with the stone, but this time, he darker nature won out.

"So if that's a wishing rock, why just use body swaps? Why not something cooler like most popular person in the world or have a trillion buck lottery in your name?" Sarah asked persistently.

Karyn spoke up, "Sarah, be quiet. Jon's thinking"

Sarah said quietly, "Jon, give me the stone please"

"No", Jon replied, he was getting a little concerned for Sarah.

"Please give me the stone Jon", Sarah said again.

Sarah saw this as her opportunity, Jon had his back to her while he pondered the stone, and Karyn was very close, too close to her in fact. Sarah decided to act.

Before Karyn could respond, Sarah elbowed Karyn in the nose and bounded over the table towards Jon. Karyn fell back against the lounge chair clutching her nose, stunned at the impact. Jon turned just in time to see Sarah lunging at the stone in his hands; he managed to pull it away from her just in time.

"Give me the god damned stone Jon! I want it now!" Sarah screeched at the top of her lungs.

Jon and Sarah struggled for the rock, she was clawing at him and over him to get to the stone which was just out of reach, and Jon was doing everything he could to keep her from getting it. The last thing he needed was for her to have unlimited power, she obviously couldn't handle it, and Jon was having seconds thoughts on whether he could either.

Just when Sarah was about to reach the stone, Karyn grabbed Sarah from behind and pulled her off Jon, with a clever flick and a foot in the right position, Karyn managed to get Sarah on the ground and sit on her, pinning her arms and legs to the ground.

Sarah thrashed on the floor cursing while the bloodied Karyn sat on her, "God dammit! That stone is too valuable for stupid wishes like yours, give it to someone who can use it properly!" she growled.

Karyn sat on top of Sarah, rather proudly, although it was hard to tell her expression with blood dripping out of her nose, "What do you want to do?" she asked Jon.

"Well, she agreed to have this done to her, so I'm going to do it whether she wants to keep going with it or not", Jon replied sternly.

Jon rubbed the scratches on his face gingerly as he spoke, "I wish that Sarah had arms and legs replaced with that of an adult German Sheppard, the dog species, not a person." Jon said.

Sarah continued to struggle as she felt a tingling in her harms, she looked down at her hands one last time as they started to change shape, her legs too, Sarah's limbs shifted and warped themselves, her hands collapsed into paws with dull claws on the end, her palms became pads for her new paws and her shiny and glossed nails vanished altogether. Sarah could feel her new canine limbs just like the ones she had before, covered in brown hair that now covered them. It was working.

"No! Stop! I've changed my mind" Sarah exclaimed in fear.

Karyn struggled to keep Sarah down, "No way, you wanted this and were willing to cripple us to get it, so you are what you wish for Sarah!", she said, turning to Jon, "Hurry up dammit!"

Jon got to work on his second wish, "I wish that Sarah's vagina was always as tight as a 16 year old virgin girl", he wished, he wanted to be fair, Sarah really was just a bit mad with power, she really did seem to want it earlier and even though he's really fucked her up now, he didn't want to cause her permanent distress more then he already could.

Sarah felt a tingling in her crotch, it was a little strange but she got over it. The muscles in her vagina and pelvis were getting stronger and more resistant to pressure, within a few seconds her vagina was now just like Zoe's vagina when Sarah used it.
"Dammit let me up!" Sarah cried.

"What's next?" Jon said to Karyn, "She's got what she want, haven't she? Dog legs and a tight virgin snatch?"

"Yea, but do one more thing", Karyn said, "Make her colour coordinated at least? And can you make sure that everyone treats her the same as they did when she had your body? It's only fair, you don't want her treated as a freak" she asked.

"Stop it, Stop it, Stop it!" Sarah screamed, if the neighbours were home they'd think they were hacking Sarah to bits.

Jon sighed, "Ok. Let's see, that should be easy. I wish that all the hair on Sarah's new dog limbs was the same colour as her natural hair"

Sarah watched, no tingling this time as the hair on her new limbs changed to an almost platinum blonde colour.

"Finally, I wish that everyone would treat Sarah the same as she was when she was previously body swapped with me. As in they recognized that she is the same person she always has been except with dog limbs instead of her own original one", Jon said, "There that should about cover it"

Sarah was so scared and amazed at the same time, she was very angry, not only had she squandered her chance with a wishing rock, but it was unlikely that she'd ever get near it again. Not to mention that she was now technically a quadruped with a permanently tight pussy. She'd never be able to do simple things like brush her teeth or go dancing on her own anymore, even something as simple as wearing shoes was now gone forever.

Karyn slowly got off Sarah; she stood up and watched Sarah tentatively climb to her new feet. Before Karyn could react, Sarah bounded over to Jon on her four legs and leapt up onto his lap. Karyn and Jon were both shocked as she did so; Sarah had a murderous look in her eyes.

"I will make you PAY for this", she vowed in a stunned Jon's ear before she climbed off him.

Sarah jumped back down to the floor on her four legs, almost as if she'd always been born with them, and headed to the door, Karyn got up from her chair and opened the door to let Sarah grudgingly run out and back to her house with her new body.

Karyn turned back to Jon after they closed the door, "What the fuck was that all about?" Karyn asked Jon, rubbing her nose.

"I dunno", Jon replied, twiddling the wishing rock in his hand, "power trip I suppose, or it could be PMS, but I don't know" he said.

Karyn rubbed her nose, it was still bleeding, and that's when Jon realized that he could fix that, and his own injuries, looking at the stone, he said, "I wish that all injuries Karyn and I sustained from Sarah's attack were completely healed"

In a flash, their scratches and Karyn's bloody nose were gone, completely back to normal; all that was left was a little dried blood on their skin which easily came off.

Karyn chuckled as Jon went back upstairs to put the stone back in it's safe place, almost immediately Karyn and Sarah forgot about the importance of the stone as per Jon's perception wish.

Sarah was ambivalent, she got what she wanted, the best sex of her life for the rest of her life. So what if she had dog legs, it made doggie-style so much easier. She wondered if she should get Biff to do the same thing as she did, so they could be together forever. But she was very angry. Jon had a magical wishing stone that had properties that kept her from seeing it unless he wanted her too, now that she knew it existed, she could possibly find it again, but even so, he said it was difficult to reverse wishes, she could be stuck like this forever. Sarah trotted off to her house in a rather annoyed mood, she'd have to figure out a way of getting the stone from Jon sometime in the future, but at least there was still the sex.

Jon and Karyn sat down at Jon's living room after securing the stone, Nikita was stirring, they figured out what to do next.

"What's the bet she comes back in a few days and asks for a reversal of the wishes?" Karyn asked.

"Well she's screwed either way, isn't she?" Jon replied blithely

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