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2. Trading One Sister For Another

1. You Are What You Wish

Trading One Sister for Another

on 2022-11-18 05:08:21

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As incredible as the stone was, Jon decided to sleep on it before doing anything rash. He was still reeling from the drastic changes Karyn had made to herself with a simple slip of the tongue, possibly permanently. Luckily it wasn't anything too bad, even if he knew his best friend would resent having two features that resembled her nemesis, Sarah's. Honestly he was glad to have Karyn to rely on when figuring out what to do with the stone, it seemed like too massive a responsibility to figure out for himself and he'd always been able to rely on Karyn ever since they were little.

So, he'd resolved himself to wait until he could meet back up with her the next morning to make anymore wishes, and gone to sleep. Or at least he'd tried to go to sleep, but was unable to due to the loud thumping bass of the death metal emanating from the wall he shared with Zoe.

"Turn it down!" he yelled while thumping on the wall.

"Make me, dorkwad!" Zoe yelled back. Their mom was on a trip to help settle their grandfather's estate and wouldn't be back until the next day, so Zoe had taken the opportunity to be even more bratty than usual. Honestly, the goth had been driving Jon up the wall lately. The two siblings had been at each other's throats the whole week, with Zoe seeming to make it her mission to annoy Jon since he'd been left in charge.

Jon started to get up with the intent of grabbing another pillow to cover his ears with, muttering to himself, "Jeez, I wish Karyn was my sister instead of you."

What he didn't notice was that as he pushed off against his bedside table, his hand happened to brush the Wishing Stone and in a flash, the world changed.

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