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2. Why is Everybody Always Pickin

1. You Are What You Wish

Jon's Revenge

avatar on 2009-05-16 12:25:15

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Jon, now alone, headed home to think. His friend had made a mess of things with her wish. Well, truth be told, it wasn't that he minded especially that Karyn now had huge boobs and blond hair. He wouldn't admit it, but he thought she looked hot. He wondered what changed in reality had occurred, since the letter from his grandfather had said people would think changes from wishes were normal.

He was lost in though, hand in pocket, fingering the box that held the infamous stone, when someone gave him a shove. Jon stumbled, lost his footing, and fell sideways onto the lawn he was next to. Looking up, Jon saw it was Biff Meadows, jock and bully, with his a couple of his friends. He felt his face turn bright red, part anger, part humiliation, as the looked down at him and laughed.

"Forget how to walk, sissy boy? Or were you too busy play pocket pool to pay attention to where you were going?"

The chorus of laughter doubled, and Jon whipped his hand from his pocket, ashamed that they would think he had been feeling himself in public. He'd often had trouble with these jerks, but lately it had been worse. As they approached graduation, it was as if Biff and his cronies wanted to get all their bullying out while they still could. Sometimes he wished...

Jon suppressed a smile. Not now, he told himself. He lay prone and waited for them to get bored of him. They each gave him a kick as he lay there, then walked away, laughing and chattering about their own cleverness, all the while Jon's mind spun a plot of revenge.

Once they were out of earshot and Jon was again alone, he reached into his pocket, withdrew the small wooden box, and popped it open. There was the stone, the agent of his revenge. He grabbed it and felt the cool hard surface. Then he allowed himself to smile, as he spoke his wish of vengence.

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