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2. karen the man?

1. You Are What You Wish

it's mister karen to you

on 2009-05-14 06:40:47

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A few days have passed and Jon and Karen once again have got together. Their meetings have mostly had one theme, Jon trying to reverse the wish that changed Karens breasts and hair. Once again they had no luck, just as a wish could not turn a blue stick green it could not change karen back.

"I give up" jon said a bit frustratedly. "I have tried wishing your breasts would shrink, that they were falsies, that you stuffed your bra, all without any luck."

"don't give up" karen pleaded. "their still can be hope, somehow".

"HOPE!what hope!" Jonb snapped, "I said every wish short of saying I wish you had a male body and nothing happened."

A look of shock crossed karens face and jon looked down and noticed he was still holding the stone.

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