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2. An Unexpected Visitor

1. You Are What You Wish

An Unexpected Visitor

avatar on 2009-05-05 16:58:58

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When Jon returned home, he went straight up to his bedroom and sat on his bed. Holding the stone in his hand, he thought about all the things he could wish up. But before he was able to wish for something, the doorbell rang.

Hmm, he thought. I wonder who that is. He wasn't expecting anyone. Karyn said she couldn't come by until later that night, his mom was still at work, his sister Zoe was out with her friends, and his little brother Mikey was staying at a friend's house, probably playing video games or something.

Jon stashed the stone in its hiding place under his bed and walked downstairs.

When he opened the front door, he was surprised to see ...

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