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2. I want to punch her in her ove

1. You Are What You Wish

I want to punch her in her over swollen tit

on 2009-05-01 17:44:20

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(Lets try something here, lets exclude all the normal characters except for the 3 set up in episode one, We rely way to much on them)
I walked to the parking lot which was almost empty and got in my car, a beat up old yellow Delorean I got at a police auction.

I know some people like the newest and shiniest cars but "Deloris" has history. I just wish her engine wasn't so problematic.
That's it, I took out the stone and said "I wish my car was like new"

When I could look again Deloris was like she had just come off the line. I started the engine and she purred. I wound up playing with Deloris a little to long and had to rush home.

When I got home my dad (Mike) was cooking dinner, mom usually cooked but when we have guests coming over my dad who is a professional chef takes over. My sister (Kim) who is two years younger then me and obsessed with bands was fighting with my mom (Abby) about wearing a shirt with men's briefs on them. Finally my youngest sister (Anna) the lewd one, was the one who noticed I'd come in.

"Hi Jon" Anna said

"Hey squirt, have things been this hectic all day?" I asked

"Science I got home from school anyway, what took you so long anyway?" Anna said

"I was talking with Karyn and then I played with Deloris" I said

"Playing eh? Doubt it, I bet you where fucking her"

"Anna that's sick, who would.."

"I watched a special on TV"

"Jon go upstairs and get ready, Brent and Suzy will be here soon, Anna don't you dare talk like that when they get hear and Kim you change that shirt right know or we wont drive you to any more concerts ever" Mom interrupted

Kim and I headed upstairs and changed.

The doorbell rang and I answered it. "Hi Brent Suzy come in" I said

"My aren't you just precious in that little dress I could eat you up, yes I could" Suzy said.

I want to punch her in her over swollen tit for that but mom would probably lock the child block on my TV if I did so

"I would probably go strait to your thighs if you did" I retorted

Brent got between us, he always did know when I was ready to hit.

"Suzy I'm going to talk to my little sis for a bit" Brent said leading me away from his new wife.

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