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2. Jon loses his dick

1. You Are What You Wish

Jon loses his dick (literaly)

on 2009-04-22 05:04:27

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(I'm skiping past the wish to the fun part, mainly becouse I don't know how to jet hear)

After school the next day Jon was frantic. Due to a wish gone bad Jon lost his dick, no he didn't become a woman, he literaly lost his dick but still had his balls and was still considerd a man (well boy).
"And so that's why I can't use the stone to find it Karyn" Jon said filling Karyn in on the situation

"I don't belive it, show me" Karyn said

"But" jon started

"No buts show me" Karyn interupted

Jon looked around the yard but saw no one so he droped his pants and boxers in one swift motion. Karyn couldn't belive what she saw, his front was smooth but he still had balls, Karyn patted him to confirm what her eyes wouldn't belive. Jon jumped back and pulled up his pants.

"Persenal space please" Jon said

"Sorry Jon" Karyn said

Jon suddenly doubbled over and started to screem.

(What Jon didn't know was that when he lost his dick it effectively became a dildo atleast untill someone put it on)

In out in out, she felt pure extacy as she used the "dildo" she thout her friends left in her locker. She moned as orgasm filled her, then something suprising happened warm liquid shot into her,

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