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2. But I Like My Boobs

1. You Are What You Wish

But I Like My Boobs

on 2009-04-09 02:50:06

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That night, Jon thought about Karyn's wish. He knew that he couldn't reverse wishes, only alter them. If he couldn't make Karyn's boobs go bac to normal, maybe he could alter her perceptions of them. He decided to make a quick wish. "I wish that Karyn would love her breasts," said Jon, "which would be super sensitive regardless of size, with Karyn viewing them as sexy, erotic and beautiful and enjoying the effect they have on guys." The stone flashed. Jon felt satisfied; if they couldn't reverse the wish, Karyn would enjoy her new boobs and if they could, since he didn't clarify which breasts she would enjoy, hopefully she would enjoy her breasts regardless of what size they were.

Meanwhile, at Karyn's house, Karyn stood in front of the bathroom mirror, naked except for her panties. She cupped her breasts in her hands, relishing the pleasurable sensations they gave her. Ever since school let out, her feelings about her boobs had begun to change. She wondered why she had disliked them so much. Yes, they were big and heavy, but she could get used to that. She could easily wish up new clothes tomorrow, and the new bras would help with the weight. And she couldn't help noticing the way guys looked at her. It was the same way they looked at Sarah McMillian, the school bitch. And if they liked a jerk like Sarah because of her boobs, wouldn't they like a nice girl like her even more if she had big boobs? Karyn hoped so. But that would be tomorrow.

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