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2. mikey disgusted

1. You Are What You Wish

mikey disgusted

on 2009-03-24 18:08:54

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As usual, their comes a time in the life of every kid between the ages of elementary school and high school needs sex education. Mikey went to the class and came back disgusted.

He was excited and looking forward to sex, and he knew women were different and had a "hole" not a penis. But when he saw it and learned about it it was stomach turning.

It had a slimy texture similar to what he saw on a medical show depicting surgery his mom watched the other night. The show was good about draining the blood but showed the disgusting slimy texture of inturnal organs. The exact same texture the vagina has. To make it worse the thing oozes slime when aroused. At least male parts are dry until climax. To make it worse on a monthly basis they bleed, and not all is just liquid. And when hygeine is poor it can smell like a dead fish. It was stomach churning.

Mikey had childhood crushes before but never realized how disgusting female anatomy can be. But he knew their was a solution.

Mikey often easedropped at Jon and Karyn's door hoping to catch them making love. They never did that, but he learned of something just as exciting. They had a wishing stone. It's very dangerous, but he had heard them wish before and leave changed. They had to word it right not to be stuck though.

The problem is they always took the stone with them. Mikey needed the stone to wish away the filthy vaginas, but he had to sneak in when Jon was sleeping.

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