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2. I'm Touched

1. You Are What You Wish

I'm Touched

avatar on 2009-03-19 16:39:50

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After Jon got home, he spent some time surfing the internet, checking up on some of his favorite sites. It was during this time when he stumbled onto an online fiction site featuring an odd story. It was about a man named Charlie who was forced to change in a bunch of bizarre ways. And depending on what color the sky was (which was also odd), he would either swap genders or swap ages or whatever.

A green sky forced him to swap bodies with whomever he touched. A red sky caused him to merge with whomever he touched. An orange sky caused him to change his gender. A yellow sky caused him to swap ages with whomever he touched. A violet sky forced him to swap roles (that's lifestyles/personalities) with whomever he touched. And a brown sky caused him to partially take on the attributes of the favorite animal of whomever he touched.

Anyway, all of these changes caused him to change reality. People's lives became different, some people even vanished from existence, while others were completely new creations.

It was an odd story, but it got Jon thinking. What would it be like if he could do that? It would be an interesting experiment. Of course, he could always make a wish to make everything return to normal after he's done trying it out. He wouldn't want it to be permanent.

So, it was settled. He was gonna do it.

"I wish that what was happening to that character Charlie would happen to me. Also I wish that the next time I make a wish with the wishing stone, all of reality will return to normal, as it was just before the wish I just made." The stone glowed, granting his wishes.

He stared out his window, waiting to see what color the sky would change to, so that he could get this experiment rolling.

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