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2. A magical dresser

1. You Are What You Wish

A Magical Dresser

on 2022-11-07 15:36:20
Episode last modified by Cellda on 2022-11-07 16:15:17

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The next day they met up after school at their usual spot. After exchanging pleasantries, they headed to Jon's house to figure out how they could fix Karen's accidental wish. Not much more was said until they arrived in Jon's room.

"So, did you have any good ideas last night?" Karen asked as Jon retrieved the box containing the stone.

"I did come up with something, if you're willing to give it a shot," Jon said as he open the box and held the stone in his hand.

Karen shrugged. "At this point I'm willing to try almost anything." She gestured at her breasts. "I kept rolling over onto them and waking myself up last now, and after lugging them around all day my back is sore."

Jon nodded. "Alright, here goes. I wish that I have a magical dresser from which I can pull out any body part or item of clothing with any properties I imagine and when those clothes or body parts are put on someone they'll replace what was already there." He gasped for breath after finishing his run-on sentence. The stone grew warm in his hand and both he and Karen had to look away for a moment. When they looked back nothing seemed to have changed.

Karen looked confused. "What am I missing here? Did the wish not work?"

Jon was also at a loss. Where was his fancy new magical dresser? Looking around, he could only see the one dresser he'd had all along. Out of curiosity, he stood up and walked over to it. After a brief pause, he opened a drawer and tried to pull out something that wasn't there.

"It worked!" Jon exclaimed, turning to show Karen what appeared to be a red wig, similar in length and color to her hair from the previous day.

"A wig? That's your good idea?" Karen asked.

Jon shook his head. "This isn't a wig; it's your actual hair. Let me show you." Jon placed the red hair on her head. Almost immediately it seemed to merge into her scalp, the blond hair vanishing under it. Karen peered at herself in Jon's mirror.

"Wow, it really did work! Wait, that's what you think my hair looked like?" she asked incredulously.

"Close enough," Jon shrugged. "You can get it styled or tell me what I got wrong for next time."

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