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2. Do you want your heart's desir

1. You Are What You Wish

A different Life...

on 2009-03-11 20:29:57

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It was later that night. Jon was trying to sleep, but failing miserably. Every time he shut his eyes he imagined the stone and what he could do with its power, what he could accomplish, what he could change about himself. He opened his eyes for what seemed to be the fifteenth time and let out a sigh. It was times he felt sorry for himself, and wished he didn't have these desires...

Jon's desires had started at a young age. He had always felt more comfortable playing with the little girls at school then he had playing with the little boys. He had played sports at a young age, pee-wee football and the like, but secretly he had wished that he could have been on the sidelines with the little girls, dressed up pretty in their cheerleading outfits and the like. At the time he couldn't verbalize it as such, but looking back at it he knew what it was.

He wanted to be a girl.

When he was twelve it had started in earnest. He had gotten a local paper route for some extra money that summer, and with some of the disposable income he had surreptitiously purchased a few girlish outfits. He dared not wear them unless he was certain he was the only one home. But when he did, he felt free and...right.

He still remembered when he was fourteen and had dared to wear a pair of panties to school under his clothes. He felt incredibly nervous the whole day, afraid someone would catch him and expose his secret desire to be a girl. At the same time it had been incredibly arousing and thrilling, and he had done it on several occasions since that time. His somewhat androgynous build helped him to pass when he dared to dress up in full girl attire, complete with the breast forms he had recently acquired.

He often wondered if he was gay, and he didn't know for sure. Girls like Karyn certainly seemed attractive to him, in an emotional sense as well as somewhat in a physical, but he was also curious about some guys, and had what people would term as "Gay" fantasies in the past.

He knew his mother, as religious as she was, would never condone such things. She barely tolerated Zoe's gothic behavior, if she found out her oldest son was a crossdresser then she would certainly flip out. Jon knew that he couldn't do anything to become the woman he wanted to be until he got out of that house...

Until now. Now in his hands he had the power to change all of that, and become the girl that he felt that he should have always been. It seemed simple enough, one wish and it would be solved.

So why was he so hesitant? Was it because he knew that if he took the plunge, there would not be any turning back? Was he afraid of actually doing it? Was he afraid of how his life might have turned out? Maybe it was better if he simply wished these feelings away, so that he could live his life as a normal minded teenage boy.

Jon stood up and grabbed the stone from its hiding spot underneath his bed. He walked over to the mirror, stripping down till he was nude. He stood there for what seemed to be forever...before finally making his decision. Clutching the stone close to his heart, he closed his eyes and said clearly... "I wish...."

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