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2. The start of Spring break

1. You Are What You Wish

The start of Spring break

on 2009-03-08 04:51:02

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(A story set before and borrows heavily from episode 1)
I sat on the wall after class, nervously swinging my legs. It was the last day of school before spring break and had been one of the most stressful I'd ever endured (for now). I was waiting for Karyn, my best friend of longer than I'd care to mention. In fact, I'd not have another chance to talk to her for another week. but she always spent spring break with her parents in their caravan in the mountains and I had decided to ask her out, and if she said no a little time apart would be good.

Finally, I spotted her strolling towards me across the yard. She was wearing her usual get-up of scruffy old slacks and her favorite worn old green jumper. Her short red hair was in its normal unruly state and she displayed her quirky grin as she spotted me slouched on the wall. The overall effect, I thought, was pretty cute.

When she finally reached me, she leapt up onto the wall with somewhat more ease than I'd managed earlier.

"Hey, Jon-boy! How's it going?" She asked

"Good, Karyn there's something I need to tell you" I said bracing myself

"Jon you sound so serious what is it?" She asked conserned

"I..I.." I chickened out "just want to say hope you enjoy your break" I fail.

"Ya you to Jon" Karyn said.

"With out you I'm looking at another week of couch-potato-dom."

"That would be a nice change of pace for me. There are only so many snowy mountain peaks you can gaze at in wonder in a lifetime. I want to give the old spring break tradition a miss and just hang out with you."

"That would be a nice change of pace"

We just chatted like that for about ten minuets until.

"Jon I gotta go see ya in about a week" Karyn said as she started to walk off

"See ya" I said

I looked around the now deserted yard and decided it was time to slope off home. When my phone rang. I answered to find my mom hysterical on the other end

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